Why AI anomaly detection is business critical

Artificial intelligence (AI) anomaly detection will help your business identify issues around the clock faster and more reliably, increasing efficiency and driving performance.

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If you don’t have some form of artificial intelligence (AI) anomaly detection for your business today, getting it should be your new priority.

Why? Because you have a lot of data. And chances are that you don’t always know what’s happening with it.

Sure, you probably know how the cost and revenue of your ads on Google Ads. You know, through Google Analytics, how many people visited your homepage last month. Your Shopify account lets you know how many sales you made yesterday.

But you probably don’t know when your data is behaving in a way it shouldn’t. You probably don’t know straightaway, for example, when a checkout page is taking too long to load (and dropping card payments as a result).





The truth is, knowing about anomalies like this when they happen can make or break a business. But it can sometimes take weeks to discover anomalies on your own – weeks where they could have wreaked havoc on your KPIs and bottom line.


Enter AI…

Of course you’re not to blame for not knowing exactly what’s going on at all times in your data, there’s only so much we as humans can be expected to do when we have access to such an onslaught of data – especially when there’s so many other business-critical things taking up your time.

And dashboards, visualisation tools can only take you so far. Even the most data-literate among us still need to put in the hours it takes to make sense of it all, and that means scouring endlessly through your Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Search Console, Shopify… We could go on.

There’s simply too much data, and many companies are overwhelmed.



But an AI, well, that’s a different story. When it comes to making sense of vast strings of data, that’s where the budding technology thrives. And because of this, AI can know immediately when your data is behaving in a way that’s unusual.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons AI anomaly detection is so effective at driving business performance – and why it’s business critical today.


AI supported software can find issues in your data much, much faster than a human

One of the biggest benefits of machine learning and AI is that it can operate much, much faster than a human can.

For a human to find an anomaly in your data, they’ll need to navigate through tens, even hundreds, of dashboards, crunch numbers and conduct calculations to figure out what the issue is. An AI can get to the core of what happened – and why – in a matter of seconds so you can solve it quickly and get back to doing what you do best: Growing your business.



… And it’s at it 24/7

Humans tend to only work 9-5. We also tend to get tired and sloppy.

An AI doesn’t. It can scan through multiple sets of data all day every day while still delivering the same high standard of work. In fact, one of the things that makes AI technology stand out is that it keeps learning, getting better and more efficient over time.



Having an AI running anomaly detection running 24/7 means that anything strange going on in your data can be picked up as soon as it happens. So you can rest assured that you’ll know exactly what’s going on, before it does any damage to your KPIs.


AI is incredibly reliable (and has no bias)

Unlike people, AI simply doesn’t get things wrong. It doesn’t crunch numbers wrong, ever, because data crunching is exactly what it’s been trained to do and it’s not biased in the way humans are. So an AI that’s been trained to detect anomalies in your data will simply let you know clearly what’s going on with your data.

AI can see things humans can’t

Have a look at this graph that charts page loading times. Can you spot the anomaly?



There’s a peak where it takes 10 seconds to load the page, but it’s incredibly hard for the human eye to see. In fact, it’s almost invisible – but its impact isn’t.

Considering the fact that 40% of customers will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, not being able to see this sort of anomaly is a big problem. Loading times this high send your customers right into the arms of your competitors.

It might take weeks or months for a human to realise that this is an issue because we simply can’t see it.

But an AI can. An AI can detect unusual metrics like this that would normally be invisible immediately and report back to you, so you can understand the problem and get everything running smoothly in no time.



Investing in AI anomaly detection

Until recently, AI anomaly detection was only available to tech Goliaths, like Amazon, that could invest huge amounts of money and manpower on creating machine learning algorithms to interpret that data.

But we’ve built an AI anomaly detection tool that is available for every company, no matter the size.

Millimetric’s AI platform seamlessly integrates with all of your data sources to analyse thousands of metrics in real time. We’ll automatically let you know when an anomaly is detected and our root cause diagnostics enable you to take action straight away before it impacts your KPIs.


Try the software for free today and empower your team to know exactly when, where and why unusual activity in your metrics occurs.


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