Millimetric reveals new pricing plan

AI anomaly detection platform, Millimetric, announces a new pricing plan for Free, Growth and Enterprise users.

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Today, we’re announcing a brand new pricing plan for our AI anomaly detection platform.

The Millimetric platform has been available for users to identify anomalies and automate KPI analysis for two years now. Over the next few months, we’re going to be launching several brand new features to make the experience even better.



The new features on your way also means that we’re going to be putting some features which were free until now behind a new paywall in order to reflect the greater value that we’re bringing – and will continue to bring – to our customers. Our users will now be split into three groups with access to different features: Free, Growth and Enterprise. Let’s break down what features each of these groups will have access to and for what price.


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Free plan

Free users will continue to have limited access to the Millimetric platform, however some of the features that were once available on the free version will be no longer be available to this group of customers. We will be revoking access to comparative anomalies, daily anomaly reports and the ability to add unlimited sub-users to an account.

Instead, Free users of Millimetric will now have access to the following features:

Feature Free plan access
Number of properties Integration with one property only
Number of data sources Google Analytics only
Crawl history Low access
Anomaly reports Weekly anomalies only
Comparative anomalies No access
Notifications Email only
Number of sessions Up to 2.5 million monthly sessions

If Free users still want access to some of the features that are being put behind a paywall, they now have the option to upgrade to the Growth pricing plan when they log in to the Millimetric platform.


Growth plan

The second tier plan, the Growth plan, is for users who want access to more regular updates on anomalies and unusual behaviour in their metrics, as well as access to a greater number of current and upcoming features.

Growth users will now have access to:

Feature Growth plan access
Number of properties One property only
Number of data sources Up to 3 data sources
Crawl history Medium access
Anomaly reports Weekly, daily and historical
Comparative reports Full access
Expert help Onboarding assistance from the Millimetric team
Notifications Email and Slack
Number of sessions Up to 50 million+

The pricing for the new Growth plan will be based on the number of monthly sessions each user wants to analyse on the platform. See below the pricing per number of sessions.

Number of sessions (monthly) Price (monthly)
1-250,000 $99
250,000-500,000 $249
500,000-2,500,000 $499
2,500,000-10,000,000 $999
10,000,000-50,000,000 $1,999
50,000,000 + $3,499

Try a 7-day free trial of Millimetric’s Growth plan today by heading over to the Millimetric platform.


Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan on Millimetric offers much more comprehensive coverage from the Millimetric platform and team, plus exclusive features for driving better digital performance with our platform.

With the Enterprise plan, users have access to:

Features          Enterprise plan access
Number of properties Unlimited
Number of data sources Unlimited
Custom API Available
Number of sub-users Unlimited
Crawl history High access
Expert help Onboarding assistance
Phone and video call support
A dedicated account manager
Weekly consulting
Payments by invoice
Anomaly reports Weekly, daily, hourly
Comparative reports Full access
Customisable reports Available
Notifications Email and Slack
User access Role-based permissioning and sensitivity

Custom pricing: Get in touch to talk about the cost of an Enterprise plan for your business:

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