Leave comments for your team on Millimetric anomalies

Millimetric introduces new comments feature to make collaboration easier on their AI anomaly detection and automated KPI tracking platform

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Clicked on an anomaly alert then realised another team member should be looking at it? Got halfway through dealing with an unusual metric and need to make a note of the progress so far? Want to write down some important information quickly without having to leave the app?

To make working as a team and addressing issues like this easier on the AI anomaly detection and KPI tracking platform, Millimetric has added a new ‘comments’ feature to the bottom of every anomaly page. This allows users to make notes on the action they’ve taken, tag other sub-users and streamline communication in-app.



The new comments feature in action on the Millimetric platform


With comments on the Millimetric platform, you can work better with your team and make addressing anomalies effortless. Try it out today.

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