Choose your minimum anomaly alert threshold with Millimetric

AI anomaly detection and automated KPI tracking platform, Millimetric, introduces new feature allowing users to set an impact score threshold for the anomalies they’d like to be alerted to.

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When it comes to unusual activity in your data, not all anomalies are made equal. Some anomalies, such as a broken checkout link that’s causing customers’ payments to drop, will create drastic problems in your digital performance. Whereas other anomalies are nice-to-know, but aren’t exactly make-or-break – like a recent ads campaign that went slightly worse in a particular city you aren’t actively targeting.

That’s why AI anomaly detection and automated KPI tracking platform, Millimetric, has introduced a new feature that allows you to choose the threshold for the minimum impact score of the anomalies that are sent to your email.

Millimetric’s anomaly impact score

The impact score on the Millimetric platform indicates how much of an influence Millimetric’s AI algorithm expects an anomaly is going to have on your digital performance on a scale of 1-10. It’s calculated using three factors:

  • Anomaly severity: The Millimetric algorithm calculates how far the anomaly is from the expected value
  • Actionability: This is based on a fixed value for each metric/dimension that indicates how easy they are to action
  • Business criticality: This is calculated using the fixed value Millimetric has set for each metric and how impactful the anomaly is for you digital performance, based on how big of a percentage share of your metrics it affects


An anomaly visualised on a graph in the Millimetric platform

By choosing the threshold of impact score you want to be alerted to, you will ensure you are getting the anomalies that are most relevant for you.

Setting minimum impact score thresholds for anomaly alerts

By default, anomalies that are given an impact score of 7 and above trigger an automatic email alert. In order to make that threshold higher, or lower, you simply need to head to ‘settings’ > ‘account settings’. Here you can select the minimum impact score for negative or positive anomalies you’d like to be alerted to via email.

Setting an anomaly alert threshold in Millimetric


You will always be able to view all anomalies detected on the platform regardless of the impact score, so don’t worry about losing that information.

You also now have the option un-select receiving daily emails on the same page.

With minimum impact score thresholds on the Millimetric platform, you can decide how frequently you want to be contacted about the anomalies that matter to you. Try it out today.


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