Get real-time anomaly alerts straight to your Slack teams

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Traditionally, the Millimetric platform has notified users to anomalies in their dashboards and datasets using email alerts only. However, the AI automated KPI tracking and anomaly detection platform has recently introduced a new feature which allows users to integrate with Slack. This means they can get anomaly alerts sent straight to their team on Slack channels.

The new feature lets you know what the anomaly is, its impact score and the percentage change it has caused. Any member of your team with access to Millimetric can then click on the anomaly and visit the page in-app. This allows you to more quickly and easily detect anomalies, communicate more effectively with your team to solve critical anomalies, and for all of your anomalies to be in one convenient place.



Millimetric anomalies appearing in a Slack channel


You choose to receive Slack anomalies by heading to ‘settings’>’notifications’ and selecting Slack notifications. You can then choose to receive Slack notifications and add your workspace and channel so notifications will arrive directly in that channel



Setting up Slack notifications in Millimetric

Visit the platform now to set up Slack integration.

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