How to Use Google Analytics Alerts

Let’s start this off by simply asking: why do we want to be alerted? Alerts prevent us from having to check in with our data constantly, most people only want to know when something occurs without having to check constantly. Then again, there are always the ones who love their data, charts and analytics, but […]

4 Key Metrics Every E-Commerce Website Should Monitor


Revenue, if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that this was their most important metric, I’d be a millionaire. “Let’s increase revenue, and decrease costs”, doesn’t seem very helpful. That’s because it isn’t. We know that Revenue = conversion rate x sessions x average order value, so we can use this […]

Big Data – A costly affair?


Business Intelligence – Then and Now Howard Dresner, President of Dresner Advisory is partially known for readapting the term “Business Intelligence” to “describe making better business decisions through searching, gathering, and analyzing the accumulated data saved by an organization.” He adapted that umbrella term in 1989; it can easily be said that data along with […]

How an overlooked metric can hurt your business


When it comes to business analytics it is crucial to keep your metrics in clear sight. The metrics that we keep an eye on are specific to the relative departments, or if you are a business owner your metrics might differ from operational sector to sector. We see that in today’s world data is king, […]

Anomaly Detection for E-Commerce is Here!


Michael is the director of e-commerce for a leading retailer in the UK. He generally starts his days off by checking his key e-commerce metrics, looking over revenue charts, keeping a close eye on conversion rates simply to analyse them and make sure everything is ok. But what happens when something isn’t ok? What kind […]