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How to automate revenue monitoring

Effective revenue monitoring means monitoring all the metrics and KPIs that impact your revenue. Here’s how automation will help you stay on top, whatever revenue models you use

5 key benefits of anomaly detection

Anomaly detection BI tools save you time, money and resources. We take a look at 5 key benefits of anomaly detection, and how to use AI to find anomalies.

What to do when there’s too much data

Data-driven decision making is critical, but 65% of organisations report having too much data to analyse. Here’s how automation will solve this decade’s biggest business challenge.

Detecting non-time series anomalies

Traditional anomaly detection focuses on identifying time-series anomalies, but this approach doesn’t detect the anomalies that appear between dimensions

How to choose marketing KPIs

Choosing marketing KPIs can be tough, so we’ve written a helpful guide on how to choose your key metrics for marketing.