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Using Millimetric

Why do I need Millimetric?

Anomaly detection is the next logical step in data analysis. You can watch over your data and be alerted when anomalous activity occurs, this will lower your response time in diagnosing crises ultimately saving you money.

How can Millimetric help my business?

    • E-Commerce
      • Anomaly detection helps reveal insights about key business metrics such as conversion rates. Along with anomalous activity alerts, Millimetric will provide you with a root cause for the issue instantly.
    • Marketing
      • Millimetric keeps an eye on marketing costs 24/7. If cost is going up beyond what’s expected, you’ll know. Quickly find out which campaign is causing costs to rise instantly and take action.
    • IT
      • Keeping your website running smoothly is now a breeze. With anomaly detection, you will be alerted if there are any technical issues lowering site speed.


How can Millimetric save my time and money?

Data analysis can be time-consuming and costly. Even if you know what you’re looking for the manpower alone will cost your business thousands. Imagine if you didn’t know what you were looking for and you wanted your data monitored by a team of professionals 24 hours a day? You can quickly see how this gets out of hand. Millimetric does this for you in minutes at a fraction of the cost.

How long does it take to integrate Millimetric?

Millimetric requires no coding and is a breeze to set up simply follow these steps (Hyperlink)

Do I need to add any code to my website?

Millimetric does not collect your data, therefore, does not require coding.

Which data sources can I integrate Millimetric to?

You can integrate; 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook Ads
  • Criteo


How does Millimetric notify me of anomalies?

Millimetric notifies you of critical anomalies by email. We are working on our mobile app to send the anomalies with notifications.

How much does Millimetric cost?

Millimetric’s pricing plan is on the basis of average sessions per month per website along with the amount of data sources connected. Please see the prices on our pricing details.

How can I share anomalies?

To share an anomaly, you can generate access links, which allow direct access even without an active millimetric subscription. You can also share anomalies directly to a variety of services such as Skype, Trello or via Mail.

How can I share anomalies with Slack?

To share to Slack workspaces and users, you need to add our Slack Share App. You can install our Slack app by selecting Slack from the Share dialogue and then authorizing with your workspace. After successful installation of the Slack app, you can choose a channel or user to share the anomaly to. After you explicitly request sharing to the chosen channel or user, we will send the share message.

Security & Privacy

Can I deauthorize Millimetric’s permissions instantly?

Absolutely. You are able to deauthorize our permissions whenever you want. Please read below for further information:

Access your Google account permissions here:

Access your Facebook Ads account permissions here:

Access your Criteo account permissions here:

How does Millimetric keep my data secure?

Millimetric processes your data on two of the most secure cloud service networks available. You have the choice to choose a specific server if you choose to.

  • AWS
    • AWS complies with ISO 27018, a code of practice that focuses on the protection of personal data in the cloud. It is based on ISO information security standard 27002 and provides implementation guidance about ISO 27002 controls that are applicable to personally identifiable information (PII) processed by public cloud service providers. For more information, or to view the AWS ISO 27018 Certification, see the AWS ISO 27018 Compliance webpage. (Hyperlink)
  • Google Cloud

Find all the necessary information about Google Cloud Security here:

What is GDPR?

The GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation, formally Regulation (EU) 2016/679), is a European (EU) regulation which unifies and strengthens the data protection rights of people in the EU. Replacing Directive 95/46/EC, it became enforceable on 25 May 2018. There are a number of additional expectations that will apply to organizations that process the personal data of people in the EU, including EU-based employees or customers.
For more on the GDPR, you are encouraged to speak to your own data protection or compliance team. Or refer to the website of the supervisory authority responsible for ensuring GDPR-compliance in your primary operating country. For example, the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland (DPC), the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK (ICO), the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés in France (CNIL), etc.

Is Millimetric GDPR compliant?

Yes, Millimetric is compliant with European data privacy regulations (including the GDPR EU/2016/679 of 2018). Millimetric undertook extra lengths to ensure our compliance with GDPR regulations.

What are my choices?

We require you to opt-in or give prior consent before we can contact you via email, phone or text for any marketing and promotional purposes. We are also unable to get into contact with you via your postal address if you have made it clear you don’t want us to.

What are my rights?

In line with GDPR regulations which have been in effect since May 25th 2018, you may ask us for a copy of the details we hold on file for you. You can equally request us to edit, adjust or delete any or all of this information. We are obliged to deliver upon your request within 30 days under GDPR legislation.

How we store your information?

Your data is stored safely in our cloud architecture. In our registration process, you can choose between our database infrastructure at Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. In your account settings, you have the option to remove single data source you added, or your whole account anytime you want. On our servers, your sensitive data is always protected through state-of-art cryptography and encryption.

How do we protect your information?

Once you have given us personal details, we go to considerable lengths to ensure it is protected. While we do our utmost to guarantee the safety of your personal information, you also have to remember that details such as your email address are being sent over the Internet, and as such we cannot 100% guarantee the security of these; you send information to us over the Internet at your own risk.
Once we get hold of your information, however, we do everything we can to secure it on our systems through the use of secure servers and security certificates (SSL).

What if our FAQs aren’t enough?

Feel free to reach us at We always write back. Always.

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