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Millimetric keeps an eye on your KPIs, alerting you in real-time when unusual activity occurs. Empower your marketing team with actionable insights helping them turn issues into tasks.

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Business Metrics

Millimetric alerts you of any anomalies regarding critical e-commerce business metrics, such as price fluctuations, conversion rates and much more. These alerts will help you take instant action and prevent revenue loss.

Marketing KPIs

Track your important marketing KPI’s and let Millimetric focus on alerting you when something unusual occurs. This will enable you and your team to take quick action and be more efficient.

Technical Issues

Millimetric’s machine-learning algorithm will notify you of important anomalies such as front-end browser version issues, site speed, networking and cash issues saving you time.

“Critical anomalies that would have taken hours and even days to discover now take seconds thanks to We can intervene and analyze our critical anomalies throughout multiple marketing channels in accordance with our business targets.”
Emre FitologluMarketing Director,


Machine Learning

Millimetric provides you with insight into anomalies, trends, and relationships in your data that was previously invisible.

No Code Required

Have your data integrated and analyzed in minutes. No need for software integration.

Fully Automated

Millimetric scales through your data 24/7 automatically so that you don’t have to.

Root Cause Discovery

Diagnose the anomaly with a single click saving you time

Real-Time Notifications

Save time and be notified as soon as anomalies are detected.

Share & Collaborate

Instantly share your anomaly results with your team and take action.

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