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Millimetric monitors and provides insight into your business metrics 24/7. So you focus on expanding your business. We got you covered.

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Integrate your marketing data in minutes

No coding necessary, just directly connect your data sources with our simple steps and get your results in minutes

Anomalies in Real-Time

Insights that impact your business are found with our Machine-Learning Algorithm and are provided to you with their root cause. What's left is for you to take action and continue to grow your business

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No Code Required

Have your data integrated and analysed in minutes. No need for software integration.

Fully Automated

Millimetric scales through your data 24/7 automatically so that you don’t have to.

Real-Time Notifications

Save time and be notified as soon as anomalies are detected.

Machine Learning Technology

Millimetric provides you with insight into anomalies, trends, and relationships in your data that was previously invisible.


We offer pricing plans for all businesses. For Millimetric Premium our service is priced according to your average monthly sessions and connected data sources.

But if you want it for free, we offer that too.

Performance Monitoring That’s Forever Free

For data enthusiasts who want to try the insights provided by automated analytics with machine-learning technology

  • Single Integration (Google Analytics or Amazon Ads)
  • Limited Reports
  • Daily Anomaly Detection
  • Share & Collaboration

Best for KPI Focused Businesses

For serious teams who are ready to turn insights into revenue growth and cost optimization

Unlimited Integrations

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Criteo
  • Amazon Ads

  • Daily Anomalies
  • E-commerce Metrics
  • Advertising Metrics
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Related Metrics Report
  • Share & Collaboration
  • Unlimited Sub-users
  • Multiple Properties
Select # of integrations you would like to use

Best for ROI Addicted Enterprise Companies

For advanced marketing, e-commerce & data analytics teams. Increase your efficiency to achieve your ROI goals. 

  • Same features with Premium Plan with optional consulting service


ROI Focused Businesses Love Us

Millimetric alerts me when the slightest unusual activity occurs on my website and guides me to the solution to fix it or take advantage of it! This allows me to fully dedicate my time to create unique value propositions for my clients while having the peace of mind and assurance that both my site and marketing budgets are healthy and optimised.
Jonathan Majorkas
Jonathan Majorkas
Group CFO - 21st Luxury
Critical anomalies that would have taken hours and even days to discover now take seconds thanks to We can intervene and analyze our critical anomalies throughout multiple marketing channels in accordance with our business targets.
Emre Fitologlu
Emre Fitologlu
Marketing Director - Hey Digital
Before, you would be very fortunate if you could catch any problem on your website within an hour, a day or a week unless you manually track it almost 10-15 times a days by looking every single metrics in your google analytics. This requires a lot of time. Thank you to Millimetric team for this innovative platform.
Semih Dilek
Semih Dilek
Ecommerce and Digital Marketing -

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