Accelerate Your Marketing Analysis Process

Millimetric analyses your daily performance metrics and minimises your time and effort spent looking and crunching data.

You can now quickly discover and focus on performance improvements that went unnoticed due to a lack of workforce and time.

You will increase your revenues, optimise your ad efficiency, and will be protected from potential unwanted losses.

Who is Millimetric for?

Millimetric is for small and big teams that love data ♥ and want to analyse more efficiently their digital channels.

  • E-commerce Websites
  • Lead Generation Businesses
  • Digital Agencies
  • Mobile Apps
  • Content Websites

Are you in charge of…


  • Track the performance of PPC, Display, Affiliate and SEO
  • Monitor your budget and manage effectively
  • Manage and improve the performance of your team
  • Use it to monitor and audit your agency and give critical feedback when needed


  • Track the performance of your sales channels
  • Track the performance of your products, brands, and categories
  • Monitor the performance of the marketing team and give critical input when needed


  • Track the performance of your customers and increase their retention
  • Use your team more efficient
  • Detect problems before your customer

How does Millimetric work?

Millimetric analyzes data from various sources, by taking into account seasonality, trends, dependencies and understanding the relevance and significance of each metric and its fluctuation.

Millimetric uses machine learning algorithms to better understand your data and suggests actionable and meaningful performance improvements.

You are notified as soon as anomalies are detected and this helps you to preempt any potential loss.

Which datasources can I integrate?

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Search Console
  • Facebook
  • Criteo

Do I need to write or place any code on my website? No, it’s just one-click integration.

We keep on adding new data sources and would love to know which ones benefit you the most.